3 Reasons to See a Gentle Dentist

Posted by Gregg L Lage DDS May 05, 2021

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While some individuals experience anxiety when they visit the dentist, others may feel absolutely phobic about the idea and may require a gentle dentist to help alleviate the issue. Gentle dentistry is gaining popularity and with little wonder, as WebMD notes that nearly 20% of people in the United States have a dental phobia. While the root of the matter is different for everyone, seeking clinics that practice gentle dentistry can help fearful patients overcome negative feelings about going to checkups, cleanings, and other dental services. 

Dental phobia and its effects 

While many dentists would probably feel confident saying their treatments are gentle, a gentle dentist practices ideals and processes intended to calm especially anxious or phobic patients. These individuals are fearful far beyond the usual nerves some people experience before and during a dental appointment and may experience a variety of troublesome symptoms, such as shortness of breath, panic attacks, and emotional outbursts.

3 advantages of gentle dentistry care

Gentle dentistry focuses on technology and treatment practices designed to treat those extremely fearful of the dentist. This offers a number of benefits to make dental appointments simpler for both the patient and the gentle dentist who treats them. 

1. Reduced anxiety before procedures 

People who suffer from dental phobia usually carry a great deal of tension in their muscles, which can make preparing them for a dental procedure difficult. This tension can even spread to the mouth and jaw, which can make injecting novocaine or moving the tongue aside to examine a sore tooth a lengthy and arduous process. A gentle dentist tries to recognize and respond to severe anxiety and fearfulness by adjusting treatment habits to suit each patient, making for a less anxiety-provoking experience.

2. Access to new treatment options 

Those who practice gentle dentistry may develop close ties with their patients by spending as much time as possible with them so these individuals feel more comfortable talking about the root of their dental phobia and asking about ways to overcome it. One solution gentle dentists may use is to offer new treatment options that can reduce the number of appointments needed. Digital X-rays and intraoral scanners are just a few new dental technologies that are making dental exams and the creation of dental records simpler for fearful patients. 

3.  Individualized visits 

Those with dental phobias may react to arriving for an appointment differently depending on the type of phobia experienced. One patient might like to sit, relax, and listen to calming music, while another might want to get in the chair right away before anxiety has a chance to rear its head. Accommodating these preferences is another key aspect of gentle dentistry, as individualized welcoming procedures may make fearful patients feel more at ease. 


Individuals who fear the dentist may put off necessary procedures and risk oral infection that may lead to tooth loss. Visiting a gentle dentist may alleviate certain phobias and allow fearful people to access important dental care for the sake of their oral and overall health. 

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