4 Questions to Ask About Root Canal Treatment

Posted by Gregg L Lage DDS Sep 28, 2021

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A root canal treatment can restore your damaged tooth. You will have an infected pulp secondary to a dental fracture, chipping, or decay. Saving your tooth’s dental structure is your dentist’s priority. If you want to know more about a root canal treatment, here are four questions to ask your dentist.

Should a patient have a dental extraction or a root canal treatment?

Many patients are frightened of even considering this procedure. Some of them insist on removing the painful tooth instead of keeping the natural tooth structure. To them, extracting the tooth is the more preferable option. Maintaining the natural tooth structure is more favorable than losing it. This is possible with a root canal treatment.

The patient must have a tooth replacement right away after a dental extraction. A dental implant is the most stable option. It may be time-consuming and costly, but it can provide stability to the patient’s bite. A dental implant also restores the patient’s dental health. Replacing the missing tooth will prevent jawbone loss, dental shifting, and more tooth loss. The patient can avoid the tedious steps of getting a teeth-replacement system.

Is it possible to have a successful root canal treatment?

This restorative treatment can become successful if the patient does his or her part. Following the dentist’s aftercare instructions can help keep the treated tooth clear of plaque and food particles. Light brushing and flossing around the tooth can increase the treatment’s success. It is also ideal to lower the stress on the tooth. This is possible by chewing on the opposite side of the mouth. Avoiding sticky and crunchy foods will keep the tooth intact.

Constant and gentle dental care can stop bacteria from taking over the tooth. Using warm salt water as a mouthwash can trigger healing. The tooth would heal better if the dentist cleaned and disinfected the pulp chamber. A thorough cleaning will preserve the patient’s natural tooth.

Why is a root canal treatment necessary?

Infection in the root canal system needs treatment. It will not go away on its own. A dental extraction is an option. But the dentist must use other available treatment options first to remove the infection. Extraction will be the last option. Keeping the natural tooth structure intact is always a priority.

What happens during a root canal procedure?

The dentist will open the affected tooth to gain access to the dental pulp. Then, the dentist will remove the pulp and clean the chamber. The application of antibiotics will clear the tooth of infection. Removing the pulp will weaken the dental structure.

Strengthening the tooth begins by replacing the pulp with gutta-percha. Then, a dental crown will go over the treated tooth. The crown will keep the tooth together and protect it from further damage. This will complete the root canal treatment.

Understanding the essence of root canal treatment will prepare you for your procedure

Pain after significant dental damage is from an infected pulp. The dentist’s goal is to retain the patient’s natural dental structure. This is possible with root canal treatment. An appointment with your dentist can determine if your tooth can survive through this restorative procedure. If not, then tooth extraction will be in order.

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