A Lumineers Dentist Can Transform Your Smile Into Something Beautiful

Posted by Gregg L Lage DDS Sep 12, 2018

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If you want a glamorous smile, a Lumineers dentist can help. Cosmetic dentistry has revolutionized dental procedures and made it easier for people to have a gorgeous smile, even if they weren't born with one. Whether a tooth is slightly crooked or teeth have become yellow and stained after years of drinking coffee or smoking – there are easy solutions for helping teeth appear youthful and bright again.

One of the first things we recommend is to have a teeth whitening procedure completed. This is often the easiest way to improve your smile because it is fast and inexpensive. Once teeth have been whitened, it is easier to see what other issues there are with teeth. For example, certain teeth may have a difficult stain that didn't come up with teeth whitening or a gap may become more evident once teeth are bright again.

As a Lumineers dentist, we can use Lumineers to cover teeth that have dark stains that aren't responding to a whitening procedure. The Lumineer fits over the top of your natural teeth, so the procedure is less invasive than replacing teeth with an implant. The effect is beautiful, but the procedure itself is less complicated with a faster recovery time.

Many people evaluate whether to get dental veneers or Lumineers in order to improve their smile. Both are highly effective. Perhaps the biggest difference is that when getting a dental veneer, your tooth needs to be prepared by having enamel removed so that the veneer will lay flat. A temporary one is typically worn for several weeks while the permanent veneers are created in a lab so the process can take around three visits. With Lumineers, the teeth may not need to be prepared at all. This is based on your natural teeth and gums so we can't say for sure until you have a consultation, however, for the most part, your teeth either don't need to be prepared, or less prep work needs to be done. With this in mind, the procedure is less invasive and can be completed faster.

Lumineers are thin shells that are placed on top of natural teeth. They are thinner than a veneer which is why there is less prep work. Many patients like this procedure better because they feel like the results are similar, but it takes less time to complete, which is nice. The recovery time is also less than what it would be with veneers.

If your teeth are looking old, dull, stained, or simply worn out – placing Lumineers on top will refresh your teeth and transform your smile. Adults of all ages can benefit from this procedure, and we frequently perform it on older adults whose teeth are looking aged from years of smoking or eating foods that stain. They can also be used to restore teeth that have been slightly damaged by correcting a small crack or chip. This can be beneficial for people that have gotten in an accident and want a beautiful, yet efficient solution. For more information call and schedule your appointment with a Lumineers dentist today.

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