Dental Fillings for Your Child

Posted by Gregg L Lage DDS Sep 10, 2018

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Old metal fillings are a thing of the past with dental fillings now being made to match your natural tooth.  This is fantastic news for those that need to have dental work done but are afraid of ending up with a mouth full of metal.  In fact, those with previous metal fillings can have them replaced with a natural tooth-colored material so that their smile can look fresh and new again.

Our office provides patients with options when having dental work done.  We use the latest in dental technology to ensure that patients can have the dental work done that they need while enhancing the appearance of their smile at the same time.  Using tooth-colored materials is part of this process.

A dental filling is used when treating cavities.  If your child has a cavity, it is important to treat it right away before the infection has the ability to spread into the tooth's root system or into surrounding teeth.  Once the infection has been removed, a filling is used to close the hole and ensure that bacteria cannot enter the site again. The filling will be made to match the existing tooth so that no one will be able to tell that your child has had dental work done.

We also use a dental filling to help with other oral health issues.  For example, a filling can be used to correct a dental fracture or any light damage to the tooth.  Children can very easily damage their teeth.  Simply biting down on a non-food object, running into something, or playing can cause them to damage their teeth.  Part of being a child is having fun and fun isn't always safe.  Fortunately, if they do damage their teeth, we can correct the damage quickly and with minimal discomfort.

The goal of using a dental filling, whether after a cavity or accidental damage, is to protect the tooth for future use.  Keeping the tooth safe and sturdy is essential for your child being able to use that tooth long term.  Even baby teeth need to be treated and cared for so that they do not fall out prematurely. If they do, adult teeth could grow in wrong, and it can lead to unnecessary crowding.  Baby teeth are there for a reason.  They hold a spot for adult teeth, make it easier to speak, and allow your child to eat properly.  If they have any oral health issues with baby or adult teeth, schedule an appointment so that we can inspect and treat the issue.

Our office is a child-friendly dentist office and we understand the importance of maintaining good oral health care throughout a patient's life, and this starts when they are children. Our staff is warm and friendly and experienced in how to work with children and help them to feel at ease. Call or stop by today.

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