Dental Veneers Can Give You a Hollywood Style Smile

Posted by Gregg L Lage DDS Dec 12, 2018

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As a Denver cosmetic dentist, we can provide you with dental veneers and use them to transform your smile into something truly stunning. If you have seen celebrities flash their award-winning smile and wish that your smile was of a similar caliber, then crack a grin because you can have that smile. We can help you have a smile that is just as beautiful as a celebrity's, regardless of how your smile looks today. In fact, most Hollywood stars did not start out with the smile they have today. Instead, cosmetic dentistry transformed it. To see for yourself, simply look up early pictures of your favorite celebrities.

A veneer is a thin shell made of porcelain and bonded to the surface of your teeth. With dental veneers, your natural teeth remain in place, which is positive for your oral health. Simultaneously, since the veneers cover them, any aesthetic problems you have will also be hidden. This makes it possible to look like you have a whole new smile, even though your teeth are still technically in the same position. We will help you select the right shade for your veneers as well, which means they can be a brighter shade of white than you have right now.

The process of placing dental veneers requires us to remove a small portion of the enamel from the surface of your teeth. This is necessary for ensuring the veneers lay flat and do not stand out. Once done, we will apply temporary veneers to your teeth while the dental lab creates your permanent set. While wearing temporaries, you need to eat carefully and avoiding biting directly into things, since they are designed to come off. However, once the permanent set is ready, it will be bonded to your teeth and you will have the same level of durability your natural teeth had prior to the procedure. In fact, if any of your teeth are damaged, veneers will make them stronger.

Dental veneers can do the following:

Close gaps in between teeth

If you have considered orthodontics because of gaps, think again. Our solution provides you with a faster way to close these gaps while creating a uniform and beautiful smile.

Straighten teeth

We can even make your teeth appear straighter with the use of veneers. The actual position of your teeth will be unchanged, so for teeth that are severely crooked or a jaw that is out of alignment, you will still need orthodontics. However, if you only have one or two teeth that are crooked, this is probably unnecessary.

Cover dark stains

It is natural for teeth to become stained and discolored over time. As they do, a person will naturally appear aged. If you no longer want to have a yellow smile, we can whiten it with our professional grade whitening solution. However, there are some stains that may be particularly stubborn, and when they are, veneers can cover those teeth to improve their appearance. As an added benefit, veneers are stain-resistant, so they will not discolor quickly like natural teeth do.

To schedule an appointment to transform your smile, give our Denver dentist office a call.

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