Does a General Dentist in Denver Always Crown a Tooth After a Root Canal?

Posted by Gregg L Lage DDS Jun 02, 2020

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Wondering what a general dentist can do? This type of dental professional is one who can provide you with a wide variety of dental services. They can provide you with preventive services, a proper diagnosis and a treatment plan and overall manage your good dental health. Specific dental services include filling cavities, placing dental crowns and bridges, performing cosmetic services and performing root canals.

Why root canals are necessary

Thinking about seeing a general dentist to have your root canal performed? Root canals are necessary when the inside of a tooth becomes infected. Once a tooth is infected, the infection needs to be treated, or it will continue to get worse. A root canal removes the infection and thus helps save a tooth from being lost forever due to infection. After a tooth undergoes a root canal, it can become weaker due to the removal of the infection, which means that a general dentist will often place a dental crown over the tooth for reinforcement reasons.

About dental crowns

A dental crown is also called a cap, as it is placed over a tooth with a goal of making the tooth stronger. General dentists place a large focus on providing a patient with the dental services they need so they can keep their teeth for their entire lifetime, as teeth are designed to do. Once a tooth is lost, the mouth no longer has a full set of teeth, which means that it is no longer a healthy mouth. When teeth are lost, they need to be replaced as soon as possible to avoid additional dental problems.

Does a general dentist always crown a tooth after a root canal?

No, general dentists do not always have to place a crown on a patient's tooth after they have undergone a root canal. When it comes to whether a patient needs to have a crown placed, it depends on the location of the treated tooth. Dental crowns are automatically placed over premolars, molars and grinding teeth, as these teeth tend to undergo a great deal of pressure. When a general dentist has determined that a dental crown is not needed, they will often offer another type of dental restoration option in order to ensure that the tooth remains healthy and strong.

Common reasons a dental crown needs to be placed over a treated tooth include that the tooth is likely to break because it is now fragile, to protect the patient from experiencing tooth sensitivity problems, to make the tooth look cosmetically pleasing and to help prevent future tooth infections.

Are you in need of a root canal?

Need a new general dentist? If you are in need of dental treatment so you can have a healthy mouth, be sure not to wait too long to make an evaluation appointment. The longer you put off any necessary dental work, the worse it will become. The last you want to happen is to lose one of your teeth, because if you do, you will need to choose a replacement option in order to have a healthy mouth.

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