How Same Day Dentistry Commonly Addresses a Loose Tooth

Posted by Gregg L Lage DDS Feb 16, 2021

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When an adult tooth comes loose, dental professionals usually recommend same day dentistry treatment. A loose tooth in children often means the permanent tooth is coming in, but for adults, it means that the tooth has lost the support of the gums and bones and is close to detaching or falling out. Fortunately, with prompt treatment, same day dentistry may be able to restore the tooth.

Treating a loose tooth with same-day dentistry

An adult tooth might come loose for a number of reasons, including accident or injury, tooth infection, gum disease, or teeth grinding (also known as bruxism). It is crucial that patients who notice a loose tooth visit a dental office immediately. The longer the loose tooth stays unaddressed, the higher the chances of total tooth loss. Patients often ignore their loose teeth because they are worried it will take several dental procedures and multiple appointments to complete the process. A dentist can address the problem in one dental appointment.

During the dental office visit, the dentist will check the tooth to know the reason behind the loosening. If an injury caused the tooth to come loose, the dental professional might attempt to use a splint for the tooth, which entails bonding the loose tooth to the adjacent teeth for support. This is considered a temporary fix since the composite bonding is not permanent. Sometimes, the tooth ends up regaining its hold in the jawbone.

If the tooth came loose due to periodontal disease or gum recession, the dentist would perform a deep cleaning procedure as a tooth-saving attempt. During the cleaning process, the dentist will eliminate the infection that has invaded the gum line and which is causing the recession. After the bacteria is removed, there is an increased chance that the gums will heal and fuse around the tooth once again. If this process is not effective, a gum grafting procedure may be required to supplement the lost gum tissues.

Unfortunately, there are cases where saving a loose adult tooth is impossible. Sometimes, the injury to the tooth is too serious, or the patient has delayed treatment for too long. In these situations, tooth extraction will be recommended, and a replacement provided to restore normal dental functions.

What to do if a tooth becomes loose

Patients should avoid trying to remove the tooth themselves or wiggling it with fingers or tongue. Wiggling a loose tooth can result in an infection or bleeding. Also, the tooth may break off with pieces left in the socket. When a tooth is loose, it is better to avoid hard or sticky foods as they could break the tooth or get stuck. The area around the tooth should be kept clean as much as possible then a visit to the same day dentist is in order.

Do you currently have a loose tooth?

If you have a loose tooth, try not to panic. Contact our dental office immediately for a same day dentistry appointment so that the dentist may be able to save the loose teeth and prevent further damage.

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