Reasons Why To See a General Dentist On A Regular Basis

Posted by Gregg L Lage DDS Nov 18, 2020

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A general dentist works to prevent oral health concerns from developing, rather than waiting for them to develop and then treating them. To ensure proper prevention and early detection, general dentists typically perform a comprehensive dental exam and dental cleaning every four to six months.

The benefits of seeing a general dentist for preventive reasons

Patients that skip visits with the general dentist or only visit the dentist when they have noticeable oral health concerns are at an increased risk of poor oral health long-term. The following are oral health concerns that can be prevented through regular visits with the general dentist. 

Dental cavities

Dental cavities occur when the enamel erodes away due to poor oral hygiene, a diet of high-sugar foods and drinks and a lack of oral care visits. Through regular visits, the general dentist can detect early signs of weakened enamel and strengthen before it develops into a cavity. They can also educate patients on how to keep enamel strong and healthy through good oral hygiene and dietary choices as well. 

Gum disease

Gum disease affects tens of millions of people inside the United States alone. Gum diseases develops when bacteria and food particles build up on the gums and along the gum line and damage the gums over time. General dentists check for early signs of gum disease and there effective ways to reverse the effects of gum disease through treatment. 

Teeth damage

Dentists treat teeth damage through dental crowns, dental veneers and other treatment options. However, they can also help patients prevent teeth damage by educating them on how to practice good oral hygiene and good dietary choices. They can also customize mouthguards to prevent the effects of bruxism or teeth damage that results from a blow to the face. 

Lost dental restoration

If a lost dental restoration such as a dental filling or dental crown occurs (meaning the restoration falls out or is damaged), the general dentist can fix the issue promptly to minimize the discomfort and risk of an oral infection, deep dental decay or tooth loss. 

Oral infection

An oral infection can develop when too much bacteria builds up in a certain part of the mouth. This could develop in the root of a tooth (tooth infection) or in the gums. General dentists are good at detecting and treating issues that may lead to an oral infection, such as dental cavities and impacted teeth. 

Cosmetic benefits

Visiting the general dentist regularly also offers cosmetic benefits, meaning the patient can achieve an attractive smile that gives them confidence through preventive care and cosmetic procedures. Cosmetic procedures may include teeth whitening, dental veneers and orthodontic treatment. 

Are you interested in a visit with our general dentist team?

If it has been more than six months since your last dental visit, then we encourage you to contact our team by phone or by message today to schedule a visit. We can conduct a comprehensive exam and determine if any additional treatment is necessary.

Request an appointment here: or call Gregg L Lage DDS, PC at 303-427-4552 for an appointment in our Denver office.

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