Using Veneers to Straighten Teeth

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Veneers, which are simply thin, tooth-colored shells placed on the front of damaged or crooked teeth, can solve a number of cosmetic issues with a smile. This form of dental restoration offers an alternative to braces for straightening teeth. Instead of physically moving an individual’s teeth into place, a process that can take years to complete, the artificial shells are fitted to the surface of each tooth to conceal any imperfections, creating a beautiful, whole smile. Here is everything a patient needs to know about this simple treatment.

How veneers fix crooked teeth

Some patients have teeth that grow in at different angles, while others have noticeable gaps between teeth that create an unappealing smile. A veneer rectifies these issues by concealing the tooth beneath an artificial layer. The shells are colored specifically for each patient, so it is often difficult to tell where the cover ends and the real tooth begins, making them a great option for patients with minor straightening problems.

It is important to note that severe misalignment can lead to difficulties with oral health that cannot be prevented with this treatment, so patients should speak to a dentist before making an appointment. If these restorations are the right choice, the patient can expect a coordinated process for receiving them.

The preliminary exam

After talking to a dentist, patients undergo a preliminary assessment. During this appointment, the provider makes sure that everything is set for the treatment and reviews the medical history of the patient. The dentist may also take x-rays of the mouth and teeth.

The placement appointment

Patients may make either one or two appointments to receive the veneers, depending on the material. If a composite resin is selected, most individuals can expect to go in for a single visit to get the shells placed. If porcelain veneers are chosen, a patient will make two appointments since the coverings must be created outside of the dentist’s office and can take up to two weeks for processing. Once the dental office receives the completed shells, the patient goes in for a second appointment for the bonding.

When the veneers are ready, the dentist preps each of the patient's teeth by scraping away a small portion of the surface to make room for the new shells. The veneers are then bonded onto each tooth with an adhesive agent. Ultraviolet light is used to quickly harden the bond and secure the restorations in place.

The final result

After the procedure, patients no longer appear to have crooked teeth. While the teeth and bite remain the same underneath, the coverings create a beautiful smile. The dentist can also sculpt the shells to finish off the smooth, even edge.

The aftercare

Perhaps the easiest part of getting veneers is the aftercare. As long as patients make sure to floss and brush each day and use mouthwash regularly, there are normally no problems with the new restorations.


Veneers can last for years, especially if the chosen material is porcelain. Consult with a dentist to see if you are a good candidate for this process and learn how these simple coverings can transform a smile.

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