Why You May Need Dentures

Posted by Gregg L Lage DDS Jan 20, 2021

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Many people think of dentures as something for seniors, but millions of adults need to get dentures. Unless one experiences trauma to the mouth, partial or complete tooth loss does not happen suddenly. It often occurs after months or years of overlooking damages or infections of the teeth and gums.

The need for dentures

Good oral hygiene is important for everyone and can prevent needing dentures early in life. After experiencing tooth loss or extraction, patients may find it harder to eat and speak properly. Therefore, the dentist may recommend getting dentures to restore normal dental functions. The following are the reasons that one might end up needing dentures.

Wiggly or loose teeth

Normal, healthy teeth should not move in their socket because the tooth roots are firmly fused with the jawbone and gums. If the teeth, gums, or jawbone become infected, the teeth’s stability can be affected. If the teeth move or feel loose when chewing or touching them, there could be a case of untreated gum disease, which is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults. Even if the condition is detected before the tooth falls out, advanced gum disease may require tooth extraction and denture fitting.

Better-looking smile

A person’s lifestyle and oral health habits can affect their teeth and oral cavity. Habits like poor oral hygiene, tobacco use, and recreational drug use can weaken the teeth. The teeth may also lose their form and appearance. It can become difficult to repair the teeth, and no amount of cleaning will be enough to restore them. Sometimes, the best alternative is to extract the teeth and replace them with dentures. This will restore the teeth's appearance and help patients smile more confidently.

Complete or partial tooth loss

Tooth loss does not have to be a rite of passage into senior years. It is a sign of a major oral health issue that worsens without treatment. Regardless of the cause, be it tooth decay or gum disease, losing one or two teeth will only contribute to further teeth loss. Once there is a gap in the smile, the remaining teeth will start to shift and become less stable.

Changed facial structure

Even if only a few teeth are missing, there is often an impact on facial structure. The facial muscles may sag due to lost teeth, making the patient look older. This can adversely affect one’s confidence and self-esteem. Patients can get dentures to restore their facial structure and appearance.

Eating and speaking issues

A few missing teeth may not seem like a big deal. However, it can affect one’s speech, confidence, and overall wellbeing. Lost teeth can make eating certain foods more challenging. In that case, dentures are more than a cosmetic fix, but also a solution to speech and eating issues.

In conclusion

If you are not sure if dentures are the best option for you, you can always visit the dentist to get their opinion. Book an appointment today to get started.

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