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What are Lageneers?

Lageneers is a registered trademark for unique, custom handcrafted composite veneers, exclusively designed and made by Gregg L Lage DDS. It is a beautiful and affordable alternative to traditional crowns and veneers! A brief history... traditional dental veneers are relatively thin porcelain coverings over existing natural teeth to ultimately improve the esthetics though ideal shapes and lighter shades. With today's technological advancements with dental materials, Dr. Lage can offer dental veneers that are made of composite rather than porcelain. Although composites are generally used for fillings, these newer composite materials are stronger and more beautiful than ever before! A great alternative to porcelain veneers. With the advent of advanced composites, Dr. Lage is able to create customized smiles made by his own hands! Hence, the name: 'Lageneers'.

Advantages of Lageneers…

  • Individually Designed & Artistically Sculpted Veneers by Dr. Gregg Lage, who truly is a master at creating beautiful smiles. He would tell you it’s the most rewarding dentistry that he does.
  • Whiter and Brighter Smile!
  • Very natural appearance… long lasting, holds color and sheen.
  • Pain Free and minimally invasive!
  • No subcontracting to a laboratory technician
  • Less cost than traditional porcelain veneers, up to 40% less!
  • Faster turn-around time
  • Guaranteed satisfaction.

Gregg L Lage DDS, PC is located at 7475 Dakin St Ste #335 Denver, CO 80221.

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