Lageneers in Denver, CO

Lageneers in Denver, CO

Are you unhappy with the appearance of your smile? Are you looking for ways to enhance it using affordable methods and in a non-invasive manner? In this case, you can benefit from choosing Lageneers, the unique, custom-made composite veneers designed and developed by our dentist Gregg L Lage, DDS. Lageneers are an affordable alternative to dental crowns and veneers that can improve your smile’s appearance.


Lageneers are thin shells of ceramic that are placed over your teeth to improve their appearance. They are custom-shaped and colored to look like your natural teeth. Many patients choose to get Lageneers in order to achieve whiter teeth and a more attractive smile.


At Gregg L Lage DDS, PC, Dr. Lage offers dental veneers made from composite rather than porcelain, using the latest advancements in technology. We call these custom-made veneers Lageneers, with reference to the name of their designer - Dr. Lage. The best thing is that the composite materials used by Dr. Lage are sturdy and more aesthetically pleasing than the normal ones. 

Want to enjoy the benefits of a better smile and improved oral health with Lageneers, custom handcrafted by Dr. Lage? Schedule your appointment by calling (303) 427-4552 or visiting Gregg L Lage DDS, PC, located at 7475 Dakin St Ste #335, Denver, CO 80221.

Benefits of Lageneers

  • Carefully designed by the dental expert Dr. Gregg Lage to improve patients' smiles
  • Result in a whiter and brighter smile 
  • Offer a natural appearance
  • Durable and hold color
  • Minimally invasive procedure
  • No subcontracting to laboratories
  • Quick turn-around time
  • Costs almost 30% less than traditional porcelain veneers
  • Best results and guaranteed satisfaction

Schedule Your Consultation for Lageneers

Reasons for needing Lageneers often vary among patients. Some may need them for their cosmetic benefits, and others may have an issue that can be addressed in the process. Getting Lageneers can help transform your entire smile and leave you looking younger and healthier. The best way to determine if Lageneers are right for you is to schedule an appointment with our cosmetic dentist for a consultation. They will be able to examine your teeth and recommend the procedure if beneficial based on your individual needs.

To find out more about Lageneers and the other dental services we offer at our dental practice, call (303) 427-4552 or schedule a consultation online. You can also visit us at 7475 Dakin St #335, Denver 80221.


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