Laser Dentistry in Denver, CO

Laser Dentistry in Denver, CO

Lasers are used during dental procedures for a variety of purposes. A laser can be used to remove tooth decay or to prepare a tooth for a filling. The dentist may use a laser to whiten teeth as well. Lasers may also be used to create dental appliances like night guards and mouthguards.

Many patients may prefer laser dentistry because it is less invasive and the treatments are more conservative. Laser dentistry also eliminates the need for anesthesia. However, some lasers may cause discomfort during the procedure, so the dentist may choose to numb the area first. 


Dental Lasers Explained

A laser is a device that emits light as a stream of photons and converts the energy into heat energy, sound energy, and other forms of energy. In laser dentistry, this concentrated beam of light is used to perform a variety of dental treatments, including gum reshaping, cavity treatment, teeth whitening, and more. The wavelengths of laser light are absorbed by water and soft tissues, so the laser is able to cut through tooth enamel without causing damage to the surrounding area. This makes the process extremely precise and safe for patients of all ages.

Hard and Soft Tissue Lasers

There are two main differences between hard and soft tissue lasers. First, hard tissue lasers have a shorter wavelength of light than those used for soft tissue procedures. Second, the hard tissue laser has a lower power output than the soft tissue laser. This makes it effective for cutting through tooth enamel without damaging surrounding soft tissues.

Hard tissue lasers are mainly used to treat cavities, get rid of decay, sculpt and clean out root canal cavities, etc. Their use is mainly focused on the enamel and, in some cases, the jawbone. Soft tissue lasers are used to instantly vaporize decayed soft tissues, such as the gum tissues or the soft inner lining of the mouth.

One of the main advantages of using a laser over a conventional drill is that it makes the procedure more comfortable for you. The laser doesn’t produce any vibrations or heat, which minimizes your discomfort throughout the procedure. Many patients say that they feel little to no pain at all, while others report feeling only slightly uncomfortable.

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